Born in California, schooled in New York City; Eric McEntee began writing songs almost as soon as he picked up a guitar and has written and performed continually since. Following his art has found him living in Paris, New York and most recently Los Angeles. As a songwriter, poet and filmmaker McEntee has followed a broad and somewhat labrythine path inspired by the zeitgeist of American Folk Music: that glorious passage of songs nameless and ancient into whatever they might become…      

The songs McEntee himself writes are often called timeless, there is a naturalness in them being backed by guitar with a bed of violins, songs that are uncannily warm, serenely composed, carried through his rich voice and fluid fingerpicking. McEntee is in numerous ways, a link to what he listens to most: the spirit of the 1960's in Greenwich Village (Tim Hardin, Fred Neil, Karen Dalton), the English Folk canon (Nick Drake, Cat Stevens, Bert Jansch) and countless lesser known 60's/70's songwriters discovered along the way like (Val Stoecklein, Bill Fay, Bread, Love and Dreams, Labi Siffre) who created nuanced bridges between Folk, Soul and Popular music, all of which McEntee carries on in song. For McEntee and so many others these inspirations seem less like distant stars, and more like fertile beds defining a community of American and particularly Californian Folk Musicians building with new energy from the beauty of these modes on their recordings. 

Like a musical time-lapse or a lost gem, those who heard his two previously self-released EP's were often stunned by the clarity of production and the songwriting form which seemed to be vacuum sealed some 50 years away... It's 2018, and time changes everything but McEntee still holds to a simple practice where the only thing that matters is the song. He's currently based in LA.