Eric McEntee is a songwriter at Secretly Publishing who has played/recorded with members of Mavis Staples and Bob Dylan and been featured on LA's KCRW (NPR). Singles from his debut LP are forthcoming in 2019.

A native Californian, educated in New York City; McEntee began writing songs as soon as he picked up a guitar and has written and performed ceaselessly since.    

Inspired by the spirit of the 1960’s in Greenwich Village, the English folk canon, and the myriad artists who continue to revision the singer/songwriter legacy before and after, the songs McEntee writes often evoke timelessness. There is a naturalness in the way he combines the acoustic guitar with a bed of violins in his songs. The result is a notion of folk music that is uncannily warm, serenely composed and delivered through his soulful voice and fingerpicking.

Like a musical time-lapse, listeners who found his two previously self-released EP's have often been stunned by the clarity of production and the songwriting form which seemed to be vacuum sealed some 50 years away... It's 2019, and “time changes everything” but McEntee still holds to a simple practice where the only thing that matters is the song.